Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Day.......

Sophia and Grandma' take each others pictures at the same time. 

Sophia tells me how she got her black eye.
                                 She said she was running in the house and hit her eye on the table.

Time to be The Princess.  Wait!  I need my shoes!                             .

And the fight is on!
Sophia has Cohen's car and he has her magic wand and cooking pot....
 Cohen gets his car from Sister...

Sophia takes a picture of the yarn..... 
 Poor Murphy.  He is all wound up. ( He is scratching his neck in this picture, not trying to get the yarn off. )  He was actually acting bored.  When I unwrap him he is almost asleep!

 Let's hide behind the couch.....Grandma' will never find us here.

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