Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner / Before and After

Margaret and I were invited to dinner at our niece's home yesterday.  The twins and their mother, Sara, really put on the dog, 'er, turkey for everyone.  Leo, is visiting from AZ and Sara, his youngest daughter, had a wonderful traditional Turkey Day Special.         
                                      Clearing the table.....

I managed to eat a lot of food, but, did not take very many pictures.  I will have to show off Sara, her husband, Jeff and "Pop-Pop", Leo, in another post.
Sara has a lovely, welcoming home, and is a most excellent cook.  Jeff, whom I had not met before, was a very nice fellow and I'm looking forward to enjoying their company again.  Of course, the twins made the day most wonderful.

Sara's beautiful home and Christmas decorations made me want to come home to clean, paint and decorate!  Maybe I'll get a 2 foot pre-lit tree and put a few bulbs on it to add the Christmas Spirit to my under-world abode!  I may even get super charged and collect some of the crows foot from the woods for the mantel!  Believe me, if I do I'll post pictures. 


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