Sunday, November 28, 2010

A short walk under the cloudless blue sky....

 The Crow's Foot is growing in profusion under the bare trees.   It meanders around a tree trunk, pokes it's toes up through dull brown leaves and climbs up the woody incline and around another tree making a path of jewel green.
 Bending and pulling on the ropey spine of greenery, I tug, it comes away from it's mothers breast with much too much ease.  The smell of damp, rich, leaf decay floods my brain.  I think of my grandmother.  She loved the earth.  She would take Margaret and me walking in the woods whenever she had the chance. We would keep an eye-out for Princess Pine, moss for Jesus' crib and holly trees with lots of berries early in the fall. 
Each would try to remember in which area our treasure was found so we could come back and retrieve our prize for the holidays. We would look above for mistletoe,  holly leaves, and pine.  Our gaze would drop for the evergreen vine, moss or the fallen spiky balls of the Sweet Gum.  Anything that we felt was pretty, or had the potential to become a glittering jewel with glue, paper, or silver and gold paint was fair game.  When we got too cold to go on, or when dusk fell, we headed home, following the smell of burning leaves which smoldered on every curb on "the mill hill".

  These are just a few shots of what happened to catch my eye as I walked home.

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  1. You are so good at photography, Mom. I wish you could pass your skills on to me. :)


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