Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Critters and Their Parents.

Vincent, Toni and Anna came by the house Saturday night so Margaret and I could see the children dressed in their Halloween costumes.  It really cheered us and was a perfect end for the day.
Sophia has her mom's great smile. 

 I really like the way Cohen is looking at Sophia in this picture.  They are soooo sweet together.....most of the time.
Vincent is very worn out from his days at the fire academy and his nights of study.  I think he looks pretty good though.  It'll be over in seven more weeks. 
The little boy pictured is not Vincent, it is from web images in google search.  I traced the photo to make sure it was not under copy right, it was not said to be, at any rate, I found it was in a very neat site selling fire house and firemen related toys and products.  Check it out!  http://www.thisnext/tag/firemen/tag/firemen

And here is our little Lady Bug.  Her little cap would not stay on but Toni assured me there were pictures when she had it on and was carrying the Lady Bug trick or treat  bag.
Anna was out with them and there are pictures with all of them together too.  I'll try and post some of them.

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