Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Stars of the Show

I tell you,  Sophia has a more expressive face than any kid I have ever laid eyes on....and now we have Cohen.  You know everything those two are thinking because it is written all over their face.  ( or is that; all over their faces, or, on each of their faces, or....?  Oh well, you know what I mean.) 

 This is the grandchildren.  Cohen, held by Patrick, Sophia, held by Holland, and Trey, standing tall in the rear.   

 Here Auntie Anna carries the little dinosaur for a night of trick or treating.

 Mommy;Toni, with Cohen; Dinosaur Boy, and Sophia, aka, The Lady Bug, and Auntie Anna.

 Grandma' and Cohen smile for the camera.
 Cohen discovers himself in the mirror.
Cohen asks himself,   "How did we get in there?!"


 Aunt Margaret colors with Sophia.

 Daddy with his babies.

Talk about striking a pose!
Love the boots, Sophia

A penny for your thoughts, Cohen.

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