Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leaf Rain

When Sophia asked to go outside I told her no, it was raining.  She ran to the window and asked, "Couldn't I could put on boots and go out because it's just leaf rain?"  She had seen the leaves falling in profusion from the trees and not being able to see the rain  figured the ground was the only thing wet, therefore, boots would do!  
  I said she could use my umbrella, and run out for just a minute while I stood on the porch and watched her.  This made her happy.

 Sophia again practices her photography skills using Cohen and I as her subjects.  She also took pictures of her pizza, the curtains, and the floor.  I'll leave those to your imagination.

I discovered Sophia asleep with a balloon I had given her this morning floating above her head.  She had wrapped the balloon's ribbon tie around her wrist.  I had to get a picture and discovered something wrong with the camera.  All of the pictures were very blurred.  I couldn't figure it out. After I got home and downloaded the pics it came to's grease from Sophia's fingers on the camera's lens!  I had to laugh.  I was able to clean it all off.  My shirt tail did the trick.... 


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