Monday, April 4, 2011

The lilac hedges, dogwoods and other flowering trees are showing  stress from the crazy temperatures they have been subjected to for the last several weeks.  We've had some real teasers as far as the temperature ranges from day to day go.  It will be warm , even hot , and the sun will shine brightly enough to make you think summer is here.  Then, as soon as the shadows begin to lengthen the temperature plummets and we have  freezing or near freezing temperatures during the night.

As the day begins and the sun reaches for noon the  buds get just enough warmth to coax them into trying to expose themselves , just a little ,  maybe do a little bee teasing themselves.  Then.  BAM !  They're hit with cold and rain or slapped by the frost.  Poor little fellas are getting pretty gun shy.  I fear there will be no  grand show of color this year.  Not from the dogwoods, flowering fruit trees or  lilacs anyway.  But , I will say the flowers have made up for their lack of show by sharing their wonderful perfumes.  

Don't they smell wonderful ?

( The photograph's color is not correct. These violets really are violet. )

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The violets seem to be doing pretty well , hidden as they are under the forsythia ,  protected from the frost and the too cold rain.  They seem happy as they dance their way along the hedgerow.     

The poor pink dogwood's new faces are much too pinched  and have brown scars from their brush with Jack Frost.  As you can see the tree's tiny flowers are left to fend for themselves as the foliage has refused to venture out.  

Here on the edge of the wood the dogwoods are emboldened by the show of strength from behind and have dared to point their tiny, ungloved    fingers heavenward.  The blossoms strain themselves trying to catch as much warmth and sunshine as they can.   They fancy themselves dinner plates set upon the table waiting for slices of warm sunshine to be spooned  upon their surface.  

 The blueberries seem to be holding there own.   By having removed their coats Margaret plays with their lives!

From a distance the pear tree looks much more finely dressed than she is.
Stiil, she has managed to seduce a number of  bees. 
I hear them singing her praises as they flit from bloom to bloom.  And she whispers,  "Do your duty,  Soldier on,  O fine and faithful gentlemen ! "

Good night everyone.


  1. I LOVE the way you write. The words are so vivid!

  2. What a lovely set of pictures.
    It is raining here at the moment and knocking all the blossom for six!
    The Magnolias are out now and, as you say, they will probably get knobbled my the next frost. :(
    By the way, if you are not happy with the colour of your photos, go to Windows Photo Gallery and use 'Fix'.
    You can then alter, hue, tint and color temperature to suit yourself.

  3. I loved every single blossom, especially the lilacs. I grew up with a lilac bush in the front yard and used to make whistles out of the leaves.


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