Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here come the iris!

Things are starting to look a more lush here. The nights are not as cool and the spring bulb flowers are starting to open. Margaret has been  pulling weeds and clearing the herb garden. She had the twins working with her last week-end and has them here again to spend the night tonight. She will have them hard at work tomorrow I am sure.

The iris seem to have many more blooms on their stalks this year.  We should have a very nice show of them in for next week or so.

Sophia and I have flower seeds to plant.  We have just been waiting for the earth to warm up a little more before putting them out.  This should be great fun for both of us.  I'll , of course , keep you posted on her flower bed's progress.

Another shower seems to be on it's way. There is a brisk breeze pushing the clouds along at a pretty good pace. The gray clouds are low with the weight of rain and seem to be aching to release their burden.  If the temperature was a little higher I would be looking for some hail.


  1. Things are certainly moving now.
    I looked out this morning to see the Lilac in bloom. :)
    Years ago, I brought some Iris plants from the old family home and planted them here (100 miles south). Each year they got less and less and now have all failed to reappear. I guess the climate here did not suit them. Shame really. :(

  2. Bernard, it is a shame about your iris. It is very special when we are able to pass plants from generation to generation, like music they bless us.


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