Friday, April 29, 2011

Dyslexia+Narcolepsy+Fibromyalgia = Sleepy, confusing, slow, often funny, it hunts when I laugh life !

It takes me so long to write posts that I often feel as though I've been to battle..and I have.  You see, I want to be witty and profound , to impart wisdom and peace onto my readers and save souls.  And, I want  to  feel smug and smart myself.   But, alas,  I spend so much time editing and rechecking and just plain thinking that by the time my post is written and published I'm worn out and bored myself  to death.
 Most often, the first and easiest decision I make when posting is the photography. Whether to make the pictures large, medium or small ,  post them to the right , center or left of the column is what sets me into anxiety mode and  adds to the publishing delay .  Knowing  which is the left or right hand  and controlling the digits there on is a circus in itself.   As for the edit and preview buttons, they are wonderful  but  no matter how many times I  preview when I finally push the publish button and read the real post,  there ,  shouting and glaring are multiple misspells and grammatical errors.  They do head stands just to get attention.  I can only thank the powers that be for spell check and hope the word I pick from those offered in exchange for my many typos and misspells is the correct one to use as a  replacement.  I've simply excepted   accepted the fact that I will never stop experiencing the feeling of being watched by my teacher and am about to be humiliated in front of the whole class for my grammar and slaughter of The English Language.  Not to mention usage, over usage, or lack of usage, of the comma and my poor sentence structure.  Maybe in my next life I will be normal.  Until then , try to ignore my errors and enjoy the perfection offered here in the beauty of my sisters flowers made in God's perfection and in the  love, beauty, and perfection to be found in family.   


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!! I love your writing!!! Don't be so hard on yourself!

  2. Thank you. (I didn't mean for it to sound THAT hard on myself.)

  3. I will show Margaret your comment. She will be pleased.


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