Saturday, April 9, 2011

The azalea's have opened and the pink dogwood blooms are looking a little better than they were in the previous pictures I posted.  I noticed a few open iris today.  I will take pictures of them to post tomorrow.

Poor Cohen is a little worse for wear though.  A few days ago he fell on his face in a very big way.  Love his heart, he was bending over and before he knew it his heavy baby head pulled him down as far as he could go.  His nose became his bumper and the cement driveway the  immovable object that stopped his body in motion.  This picture was made a day or so after the mishap.  Here his injury is much improved, the scab is gone and the wound is not so raw looking as it was.     

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  1. And he didn't even cry!!! Such a tough and laid back little guy!


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