Monday, April 18, 2011


P4180017Sophia and Cohen love playing in Cyrus’ aviary.  Of course,  if this were a pen for them,  it would be a fight to the finish to get them into it.  And, wailing and the gnashing of teeth would be heard the whole time they were confined.P4180019But, as is, they ask for the door to be closed and secured while they play within..P4180007 P4180011Sophia is off to see the flowers at the end of the drive.  P4180013Sophia sits down to play and read .  She had packed her backpack full of toys and books for Cohen and herself.P4180025P4180026P4180032Aunt Margaret gives the children a ride in her gardening wagon.P4180041Once Sophia and Cohen are out of Cyrus’ play pen he inspects for damages.  Then he starts throwing his toys around to let them know this is his territory. ( Now that he will be in it they will have to make due with the rest of the yard for their play area. )P4180022P4180023P4180042P4180045P4180046

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