Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What a difference a few weeks make...another Jane report

Can  you believe how much hair is growing in ?  This little girl is doing just fine...Thank you very much.
Jane likes to ride in the car. She walks well on a leash.  By that I mean she does not fight a collar or lead.  I can tell she has been on one before and though she doesn't heel or sit when I stop walking she will learn, I am sure.  She knows what a crate is  and doesn't mind being put in one,  except I've already spoiled her and she whines to be in bed with me.  We both stink pretty bad.  From her, not me!!! 

I do believe she almost has a smile on  her face.

See how her hair is coming in?  And,  look at her little legs.  The swelling is almost
gone.  Even her behind is  looking good! 

 She looks rather haughty here, don't ya' think?
These pictures were all made this afternoon, 9-24-2013.
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