Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jane Report # 2

2013-09-07   This is day 8 since we found Jane lying in the middle of the road while we were in the mountains.  Her 2 skin treatments at the veterinarian's and her daily Aveeno oatmeal baths have done wonders for her, she is not itching nearly as much as she was.  Her skin is softer and I think there is even a little hair growth on some of her bald spots.  She is on a course of antibiotics for her skin but was parasite and heartworm negative.  She is eating and drinking well and today began sleeping without too much interruption because of itching.  YEA! 

                        Jane wants to tell you how she is getting along.
I visited  Margaret and got some nice lovin'.  Aunt Margaret loves dogs better than anybody !   She lets me do what ever I want  when I am  with her.  She lets me on her bed and pats and hugs me.  She does not mind that I still stink a little bit.

                          I can rub my tummy on her quilt.
                      I can rest on her tummy and get as may pats as I want.
And when it is time to go back to mommy's room I can sulk and say please let me stay a little while longer.
Mommy is proud of me because I tell her when I need to  go potty. She will take me outside every time.  It is  nice to feel the sun but I cannot stay out because the heat causes me to start itching again. 
When my mommy tells me " Jane.  Come. "  I follow her right away. 
Every time we go outside Foo Kitty will follow us to watch and wait for us to come back inside.

My Auntie Anne says she has legs wrinkled like mine but I do not believe her.

And I do not believe Mommy when she says she has a double chin like mine either.  It is just not possible.  

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  1. She looks like she is wearing a giant suit that is way too big for her. So glad she is improving!


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