Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tobacco, morning glories, Jane Doe

 This is how Cyrus has been greeting me since he has been sick and I've been having to force him to take his truly awful medicine.  He has allergies ( ! ) and has been ill since the week Daisy became ill.  He has been on medication and back and forth to the vet several times during August.  He even had inhalation therapy!  At home he has a children's humidifier right under his stand pumping steam almost 24-7.
 He had a sinus infection, then he came down with a secondary infection due to  being on an antibiotic. He kept the original infection because he would throw-up the medicine I gave him so he wasn't getting enough.  The doctor changed the medicine to a different antibiotic, a cherry flavored powder I was able to trick him into eating by mixing in the peanut butter from inside Reese's cups.   He is better now, no infection, but he gets horrible headaches from swollen sinus membranes. He has to take allergy medication each morning to help eliminate that.  It seems to be working and he is not sneezing or hurting as much as he did.  When his head hurts he will not eat his pellets or crack almonds because trying to crunch the pellets or crack  the nut's shells  hurts his jaw and head.  You know yourself how bad a sinus headache is!  He has lost some weight so I'll be keeping close tabs on that.
Pan to another scene....
While Cohen and I walked in the yard Georgia figured she would have better luck getting some  petting if she got in my face to meow and beg.   She made a graceful leap landing beautifully on the top of a fence post as I was walking by.  I took her picture, gave her a pat and moved on.

 Jane follows me around now.  She cries when I go downstairs to keep Cohen for the day.  She will lie down on the floor and stare under the door to the basement waiting for me to come back upstairs.
 She has been back to the "whet"  ( Cohen's pronunciation of vet. ) for another skin treatment.  When I picked her up after her examination, blood work, dip and grooming she started crying as soon as she saw me.  She had to let me know how awful she had been treated.  I felt her pain plus a lot more when I paid the bill.  And to beat all she still stinks!  I hope once the soft tissue infection is gone and the dead skin cells have sloughed off she will not be too bad in the odor department.  Her skin is softening up and her hair is growing back like nobody's business so there is hope.   She is on antibiotics and a medication to help control the itching.
Pan to yet another scene....
These next pictures are of a field Cohen and I passed on the way home with Jane.  It was early enough in the morning that the morning glories hadn't closed yet.

I couldn't get a good angle on some of the shots as I was taking them  from inside the car while we were pulled to the side of the road.
These last few shots I did take while standing at the edge of the field. 
If you look closely at the photograph below you'll see the morning glories climbing the stalks of tobacco.   A Carolina mornin' for sure.
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