Monday, January 9, 2012

Turkey Vultures

I believe there is a flock of Turkey Vultures living very close to our house.   They  seem to be very relaxed as they glide over the yard.  I like to watch them watching me, at least they seem to be taking every thing below them in.  I think they are actually pretty to watch as they make their lazy way home.  When the weather is nicer I want to follow them home one evening and see if I can see where they are roosting.   I don't intend to disturb them, just see where they may have found a place.
I took the picture above just a few days ago, I had intended to see if I could see where they went but was unable to do so.  I wish I had been able to get a better picture,  I don't have a strong enough zoom on my camera for capturing decent shots from a distance.   I think that would have been a good picture if I had though.  Oh well.  Maybe next time. Be sure to follow the link and learn about these wonderful birds and how they live.
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  1. Such a coincidence! We had a about four of them hanging around near my front yard today! They were feeding on a dead squirrel. I enjoyed watching them. It was neat to see. I was able to capture a picture too, but my camera has the same zoom issue.


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