Sunday, January 22, 2012

Foo and Cyrus

Kitty Foo hears Murphy on the basement stairs.  'Murph' is sniffing at the space at the bottom of the door.  He snorts a few times to let me know, he knows, I am here...he begs,, " Plleeaassee, let me up there with you guys ."

Foo will have none of that.  " Get back you mangy ker!
See this paw?  It'll smack you. " 
                      Get a'load of Foo's belly!  Poor Puss!  He is sooo under fed.

  And now Cyrus will try to intimidate me!  Good try Cyrus.  Yes, Mommy loves you too.

                                        Time for a wing and nail trim Cyrus.
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