Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A short walk

This is a run-off reservoir near the house. It could be a nice little place for birds and ducks but there are no water foul here . I saw a Blue Heron at the pond's edge twice, and a  gaggle of Canadian geese swimming in it once. In fact, I have posted pictures of the heron, ( 8-29-10 ).  Since birds do not stay or frequent the pond  I think the water may be poisoned in some way, it certainly is not a food source.  The algae seems to be all that is alive in it.  Although I hear a multitude of toads and frogs singing their little hearts out in the summer I have not seen them around this particular area, I find a large number around the house though ( 07-20-11, 05-20-11 and more ) .  Sometimes inside the basement!  EEK!  The plant life does contain wild grasses, fern and moss in the lower areas and ditches.    These areas are alive with many gold finches even now.   In fact, that seems to be the overwhelming species here all year long.
Emma snuck out of our fenced yard to follow me to the pond. As I walked the pond's perimeter she made her presence known by following behind me and barking every
few moments, turning and walking back down the path a few steps, and looking back to see if I were obeying and starting to follow her.. I finally gave up on my stroll, put my binoculars and camera back into their pouch and obediently began to head for home.  She did not stop her calling and checking until we had reached the paving stones at the side of the road.  There would be no bird watching today.
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  1. I'm glad Emma was there to make sure you didn't wander off! :)


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