Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Cohen

We all celebrated Cohen's second birthday on Friday night. ( 01-27-2012 )

It was a very enjoyable get together. The kids had great fun playing with Cohen's presents and Sophia enjoyed tickling everyone she could with a tail feather that Cyrus lost during his last molt.
 Cohen is into Thomas the Train and everything from his PJs to his books have something to do with Thomas. 

Cohen received a Thomas cake with a real Thomas the train on it.  A travel case that opens into a track with Thomas the Train  so he would never be without him,  and a colorful,  soft, Thomas roll- up blanket that will go anywhere with him too.

And his Godfather sent a wonderful phonics game that is like a keyboard that speaks and sounds out the letters that you push.  Cohen will loves that.

Even Cyrus had fun watching all the party fun.      

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  1. Looks like we kept the Thomas the Train folks in business! :)


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