Friday, June 10, 2011

Wrens build a new home....

A Carolina wren has built her nest on a shelf  in the garage.  She has tucked it in behind a Rubbermaid container and a bag of old VCR tapes; college calculus no less.  Maybe she watches them at night.
I am glad to have her here, but , I am very concerned as Jim feeds his 5, yes five, cats in the garage each evening!  I am afraid once the babies are hatched they will become cat food.  I have a  large dog crate that I am going to try to place around the nest allowing the mommy bird access to her brood while keeping the cats at bay..Or ! Better yet, I'll go buy some chicken wire and shape it around the whole shelf  without disturbing so  much that Mommy stays away.    

               Can you find the nest among all of the stuff  I never use but must keep?

Aren't bird's nests just a marvel !
We also have a wren nest in our paper box at the end of the drive way.  We no longer get the paper so that is one hazard avoided.  But, again there are the cat patrols. 
In an earlier post I had a picture of  a Robin's broken shell on the ground in the front yard.  I believe our resident Black snake is the culprit there.   There isn't anything I can do about him.  He is the guardian of the work shop and shed in the back yard.  And let me tell you , he is HUGE.  I've been trying to get him to let me take his picture but, he keeps himself hidden. 

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