Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Here are a few more pictures that I took earlier in the week and today.  Just random shots of flowers, bees and a butterfly.  I did see a lot of honey bees today.  I hadn't seen many this year and was rather concerned.  It made me happy to see them here in abundance.  I'm afraid I wasn't able to get any pictures of them, just more shots of the heavier,  hence, slower bumble bees. 

I have been enjoying the pool more than usual this year. ( Just a side thought interjected since this picture of the pool somehow slithered here in between the flora and fauna. )

Hope you have enjoyed these pictures of the yard in microcosm.  I'll take some landscape pictures and post them so you can get an idea of the 'lay of the land'.  That way you can tell a little more about the place. 
 Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. The colors are beautiful! I'm glad you get to share the beauty with us through the magic of the internet!


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