Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blue Berry Hill

Sophia and I picked a few blue berries when I brought her home from school on Thursday.  We were able to have some alone together time as Cohen was napping.  She talked me into eating a few blue berries, something I've not done since I was a child.. (  I am not a berry or fruit fan, so not many specimens of that nature pass between my lips. ) She assured me I would like them.   I popped a berry into my mouth, it was ok.  But I'm still not a berry fan.
She was very serious about her job.  I was on one side of the bushes and she the other.  She said to me,    " I'm taking all of the green berries off for you."  I often forget how literal children are.  I told her to pick only the blue colored berries and to leave the red and green ones as they were not good to eat.  She did really well picking the blue ones,  then decided to help by getting rid of the green ones.  

I don't know why Sophia struck such a forlorn pose for the picture.  We were having fun...or so I thought.  Maybe she was so full of blue berries that she could not muster a smile.

Boy, hasn't the garden grown!  We are already full up with squash, peppers, and green beans.  The tomatoes are well on their way to producing a bumper crop and the corn gets taller by the day.

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  1. It sounds like ya'll had fun. However, the picture does not say that. hehehe That garden is huge!


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