Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the loss of my friend, companion and guardian.........


My little friend, my companion, my shadow and bed mate passed away today. She became very ill so Margaret and I rushed her to the veterinarian's as an emergency. Dr Haynes said she had neurological damage and her symptoms were indicating a brain tumor or bacterial meningitis. She also had something wrong with her spine. Dr. Haynes did all he could to help her and after 3 days in the hospital there was some improvement so he allowed us to bring Daisy home. Dr. Haynes was very kind and tried very hard to be compassionate with me when giving Daisy's very poor prognosis. Of course, I was so ecstatic about her surviving her terrible episode that I didn't want to think she could not get well. This week she started to suffer a lot of pain and was loosing the use of her back legs so we again rushed her to the animal hospital. Dr. Haynes once again explained Daisy's condition and asked about my thinking of putting her to sleep. I said let us try some meds and acupuncture. He said fine, that worked well with some of his patients. But please not to let her suffer. So we headed home with Daisy well medicated and pain medicine for her to take at bedtime. Daisy gained very little pain relief. I cried all night as Daisy lay on her pillow beside me. Around 3:30 AM I gave her an extra dose of pain medication and we were both then able to sleep. Margaret, Jim and I took her to Dr. Haynes at 4:30 PM and she was put to sleep. There is more to her story but that is the main information.


  1. I'm so sorry to read this, it is always devastating to loose a life-long friend. She doesn't look at all unwell in those pictures - in fact healthy and full of life. How old was she?
    I'm never owned a dog. I'm afraid they all seem a bit too boisterous for me. I've always preferred cats, with their slower pace to life.
    Thinking of you. Take care.

    1. Bernard, thank you so very much for your kind words. Daisy was only about 2 years old. She was a rescue. I had her for just a year. We bonded in a very special way as we spent all of our time together. I spend most of my time in bed and Daisy was on her pillow beside me every hour of every day that I was down or beside me when I was up. Her death was unexpected.

  2. And, oh yes, Bernard, I hope all is well with you. You are missed here in Blogland.


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