Saturday, August 31, 2013

I wish I had the words to describe just how smart Daisy was.  Out of the many dogs I have known in my lifetime Daisy was the smartest.  She understood more of my spoken words and obeyed me better than any dog I have ever owned or known.  Most of my hurt is because she died so young and I had anticipated having many years together and believed she would possibly outlive me.   We were  a team. 

These pictures were made the day before Daisy died.  You can see how her left eye was ' off ' and she had gotten very thin. Even her fur was dull, coarse and had become unruly.   ( above ) She had gotten up to be let out to go to potty and was loosing her footing because her back legs were so weak.
This is  how Daisy had been since she became ill.  She lay on a pillow above my head.  While I was lying down she stayed close enough to always be touching me. 
She would look up if I called her name or if I got out of bed.  It hurts my heart that
she suffered.
Thank you, Daisy, for loving me.  Greet Emma and Gilda for me and give them my love and thanks too.  How wonderful that  I will have all of you to greet me when I leave this earth.



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  1. Oh, Momma! I miss them all! Daisy was a sweet, hairy girl! I think she was as hairy as Annie, but a quarter of her size. Annie was there to greet her too. I'm so, so sorry!


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