Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mountain views

 A road trip into the foothills of  the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC for Anna Pearl, ( a Russian Toy Terrier ), Cohen, Grandma, and Aunt Margaret.

                                   A budding photographer practices the art.


Below are some of the pictures Cohen took.

A tractor to play with in the restaurant.

It is strange to see just how my grandchildren see me and all adults for that matter   from their perspective isn't it!?
Grandma'  or Gran as he likes to call me.

Aunt Margaret

                           These are all new friends Margaret introduced us to.

                                   Pretty good scenic  shots, don't  you think?

                                        These are clothes hung out to dry.

 More pretties he photographed....

                            A view  from the back porch swing.
Playing on the back porch. 

His toys

His Lightening McQueen shoes.

Tiny tomatoes right off the vine.

His truck at my feet.

A plant in the house.

Me again...

                                       Dishes in the drain rack by the sink...

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  1. Wow, Cohen is pretty good with the camera. Why didn't I get that gene?
    I can't believe how beautiful it is there in Sparta. That is AWESOME! Now I want to go!


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