Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More of Margaret's Garden

I sure have fallen down on the job here for the past little while.
I've been in one of my slumps and have been in bed days that I am not keeping the children.  Nothing ' bad ',  just feeling my narcolepsy and fibromyalgia more than usual.  It'll pass soon and I'll perk up again.

This is False Indigo.


I don't know the name of the plant pictured below.

Of course, these pictures are all taken in Margaret's yard.

This shrub is an old fashioned plant with very strong, sweet smelling flowers. It stays full of bees while in bloom.  You can smell the blossoms and hear the bees drone long before you get near the bush.  Margaret has trimmed it to expose the branches otherwise it would be a full shrub.  My grandmother had bushes like this around  her house when I was a little girl.  Their scent always reminds me of her.

This is Mock Orange

A Bachelor's Button

And Brother Moon.  Not a full moon, but beautiful none the less.
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  1. So many pretty flowers. Things are coming up beautifully in your yard!


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