Friday, May 3, 2013

A Few More Iris

 Cohen and I missed walking on this side of the yard for some reason yesterday.  I stepped out for a few minutes and saw these flower beds and had to get a few pictures.
 I  always enjoy the iris.  They smell so good I think you should be able to eat them.  And I really want to too!  I can never get a whiff of their wonderful aroma without thinking about the first time I smelled them.  I was around 6 years old and living on the Great Lakes Naval   Base where my father was a  Chief Petty Officer.   Even though it was housing everyone knew they would be transferred from at some point, many women planted nice flower beds around the apartments.  And, of course, the whole base was policed (cleaned) and in tip top shape. 
Jim worked alone for several weeks to put a wood picket fence around the pool.  It looks very good and makes it easier to keep the dogs out unless invited into the area. The kids still won't be allowed out without adult supervision though.      
 There are a few renegade iris around the perimeter of the yard.  Don't know how bulbs manage to migrate.
These are the lilac bushes I was talking about in yesterday's post. 
These pictures leave a lot to be desired but I think you can see the Robbin watching the Common Grackles invading his territory.  He is none too happy.
He watches for a few seconds and then becomes aware of me.  A quick look in my direction and off  he goes.
The Grackles are visiting more than they usually do.   Whatever they are finding has them walking over the yard quite a bit. 
There are two azalea's at the front porch.  They are pitiful dwarf bushes but their bloom's color is pretty.  I've never really liked azaleas even though they are a
' southern thang '.  
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  1. Your iris hedge along your white picket fence is simply sweet and charming!

    Thanks for your kind comment over at my place!



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