Thursday, April 19, 2012

These apologizing politicians, generals, and whining civilians need a time out. They, along with the " buddy " that  " leaked " the pictures  seen below, need to be sent into Afghanistan, or any warring Middle Eastern country of choice, handed an army shovel and sent on an IED/ land mine search.  While scratching in the sand they may want to keep an eye out for some poor pitiful suicide bomber as he may need batteries, wire, plastic explosives, nails, or a new backpack, I'm sure they would drop the shovel to help them out. Toward evening, these keepers of the peace, God love 'em, can go about town as ambassadors of goodwill and greet each and every local, maybe offer them a big hug if they need one, a personal apology for being ' in country ' and some money for a meal.   As for me, I'll be here in the good ole,  US of A,  kicked back, keeping the peace, watching the grass grow,  smiling.   That is until I'm blown up by the people these  whining idiots are cowing down to and in league with.

                          I'd say these soldiers have good reason to smile.
This is war not a tea party. 
The dead are suicide bombers that killed themselves.
The guys are smiling because it was not them or their buddy blown to bits. 

When insurgents are in the street in front of your house do you want our  soldiers there grinning over them or do you want the enemy there grinning over you?
  It will be one or the other. 

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