Saturday, April 21, 2012

Margaret has a new toy!

Ta-Dah !

 Margaret found a camper for sale on Craig's is no longer listed for sale.  It is now parked in the yard and Jim has already started on its inspection and repairs.  So far everything is working well.  There is a small leak in a water pipe but nothing major. Jim is going to fix that and check the heating system tomorrow.  There are no roof or body leaks and the air conditioner works well.  All but the refrig. is original to the camper.  It looks like Margaret made a good deal on a solid older vintage camper. 
 I say it is Margaret's as she bought it, but it is really her dogs.  She got it to take to dog shows when she and the twins go.  This way they'll have everything together and not have to load and unload the car.   They can stay in the show parking area and keep company with her friends that stay in their campers. 
 The kitchen area has a double stainless steel sink, a nice 4 burner gas stove with oven and a new refrigerator.
 It has a nice size shower with a 'deep' short tube.

 The only hitch is...
It may be the dogs will have to fight for the camper when they want to take a trip !

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