Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sunny Day Fun

P4030169The children and I did a little exploring around the yard yesterday.
Stomping in the empty trailer made some most interesting sounds.

P4030200We found the blueberry bushes had already lost their blossoms and were working hard on producing some blueberries.
P4030213P4030211Sophia made sure Cohen knew this was her lamb lawn ornament.

We found a few of the iris blooming P4030215
P4030186P4030235and the lilac bushes flowering.  What heavenly scents we enjoyed.
P4030240  We had a shower of hail a few days ago which knocked off all of the crab apple's flowers, and the Forsythia's too.  So it was nice to see the little apple trees in the side yard flowering.
Sophia poses for a snapshot.

We were all ready for our lunch and a nap when it was time to go in.
Especially Murphy and Grandma’.

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