Saturday, February 6, 2010

Working Hard! Cleaning my sister's downstairs space.....

This is the before picture of Jim's room.  This will become a TV room when Margaret and I get it cleared and cleaned.

Lord..I don't believe I've ever worked this hard before!  It's not my age, or lack of conditioning, that has added to my having to take longer to complete a task.  The tasks are more intensive and time consuming than I've experienced before...Even more than the time I helped a friend clean and paint the interior of a house a body had been in for several weeks before it was found!  And, believe me, in the summer heat of North Carolina that is not good!  But, I see a light at the end of this tunnel and the cleaning is moving along much faster now.  The cats, all 7 of them,  and the 9 dogs, have been banned from the premises and I will have to be vigilant on my watch to keep them upstairs, but, I believe I am up to the task. 
Margaret and I are going to fix the garage up for the cats by making some runs on the shelving and making some nice bedding.  The dogs will have to be put out from upstairs and no longer use the doggie door (now blocked off) in the basement. 
My daughter, Marian, is coming to help paint next week.  And, my other daughter, Anna Marie, will be in to help also.  They are my life raft in this stormy sea.  Lord knows what I would do without them.

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