Monday, February 22, 2010

Books To Read

 I Thought I would recommend a few books I have read and enjoyed.  I realize books are like food, often what you think another will enjoy is not at all to their liking.  But, maybe someone will find some enjoyment and even be enlightened by one of these reads...
The Undertaking    By, Thomas Lynch
And the Trees Clapped Their Hands    By, Virginia Stem Owens
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek    By, Annie Dillard
Isaac's Storm    By, Erik Larson
Searching for Jesus    By, Virginia Stem Owens
The Jesus I never Knew     By, Phillip Yancey
The Good Earth    By, Pearl S. Buck

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  1. Thanks for the book list. I always am up for a good book to read. I have stacks read and waiting to be read. But luv to read a title someone else has read and recommends. I don't take as much time as I use to because I have too many things I like to do too.Knitting, spinning, whatever the mood brings to mind. Take care and visit me again sometime. I've enjoyed reading your blog.


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