Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moving Day..and a mention of snow

We have had a good bit of snow on the ground and a lot of very cold weather.   The snow has not melted and turned to dirty slush as it usually does.  The normal chain of events is a slight covering of white clinging to the house tops, trees and grass , then it's disappearance by the next day.  I've not been out except to carry a few loads of trash from the house to the end of the drive, so I have no pictures to post.  (Of the snow..not the trash!)
I have been cleaning my sister's basement and getting it ready for me to move down.   It will be my own little apartment.  Margaret's husband, Jim, lived down there until his going to Kansas, YES KANSAS!!  Jim is setting up a 911 system for Butler and it's surrounding counties.  He visits here....lives there.  We assume he will return to us when his contract is up!!!!
The basement has a full bath, a large laundry room, a work area for my desk, a bedroom, and living area with a large wood burning fire place.  There is a storage area and several closets too.  All I need to do is add a toaster oven and I'll be set.  There is a  small refrigerator  in the laundry room.  Actually the living area is the exact size of the upstairs.  I'm going to use the room which has patio doors leading out to the pool as my bedroom.  Can't wait for summer!   Jim has a huge, and I mean huge, flat screen TV down stairs if I could figure out how it works.....

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