Thursday, April 11, 2013

#! VEry Exciting news!

 I became very excited when I happened onto this video on Tumblr  this morning.  I have just joined the site and am not familiar with it but it looks very interesting and enjoyable.  At any rate, as a retired Histotech I thought the video I have embedded below beautiful.  The body has always held great fascination to me.  That we are alive is such a wonderful and joyous thing that I cannot begin to explain the feelings of joy and curiosity that our physical and spiritual life creates in me.          
I loved working with anything to do in Pathology.  I took pride in " making - up " the solutions and stains needed to produce good quality slides.  Many stains that are bought as kits already containing everything needed to do special stains, or even the routine H&E stain, were ' made up ' by the techs when I started working in Histology.  I enjoyed it all, from grossing in a specimen through to the end product of handing the Pathologist a beautiful slide.  It was all gratifying work indeed.  I felt myself blessed that I enjoyed the work I did.  I liked to think of each patient as I worked on their specimen and often prayed for them, their loved ones and their physicians as I prepared their specimens for processing and testing.
Now, with this technology, as amazing than electron microscopy, the world of the body, especially the brain,  is brought before us in a way never before possible.  And, of course, this will be used to examine many things in this world. ( This does not replace the  histology laboratory, routine slides or the need for a good pathologist to read them though! )
This new technology is so amazing!  It will have such ramifications that it boggles my mind.  No pun intended.  And, don't you just love the name, CLARITY ?! It is not often that I become excited anymore.  Maybe I am old and cynical now, but this is so impressive I have to share it.  I hope it excites you and maybe creates a desire to explore more into our fascinating self

Dearest Abba, Holy Spirit, you that impart all love and knowledge for the  use of man, for his salvation and to your glory, we come before you asking your protection and blessing upon all those working in medical and medical technology research.  Keep their spirits joyous in their knowledge of the preciousness of life and keep them ever conscious of their importance in your plan for the uplifting of man in this world.  Send your angels and saints to watch over and  protect them.  Energize them  in their weariness on long days,  keep their minds open to all before them and receptive to  all quiet whisperings of insight and revelation within the shadows of their minds and hearts.  Send to them all necessary monetary means for their research that they may work free of financial worry.   Bless their families, Lord,  for the sacrifices they make in order for their loved one to work away from them and keep their family unit strong and protected by your Light and Grace.  We ask  this through the blessed sacrifice of  your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Amen

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