Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This is how my youngest son spent his Monday.
               He was teaching children about fire safety and what a fireman does.  Sophia was excited to share her daddy with her classmates and proud to have little brother there too.  
                           Seeing these pictures made me think of how being on your knees before God is not always done consciously before the alter or in times of desperation and pleading or even in humble thanksgiving but, is often when we are not even aware that we are doing it. 

Dear Lord, do not let me forget that I am before you always and everywhere.


  1. Hello Mary,
    I'm sorry to have not visited here for so long, but I have been having computer/blog problems.
    I notice you have a link to my old blog on your list. That one is no longer working and I am now trying to get going again here -
    I lost touch with all my friends/followers but I am slowly getting back to normal.
    Cheers...... Bernard

  2. It is very good to hear from you. You have been missed. I do hope all is well with you. I will go to your new address right away. Thank you for getting back in touch.


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