Monday, March 18, 2013

Four Alarm Fire

Vincent was very pleased to advance to the  HAZMAT station as he wanted that type of duty and he would have more time to study and teach as Station 11 doesn’t receive as many calls as his previous station house does.  Or so he thought.
GSO%20SILVER%20AVE%20APT%20FIRE%20RAW_jpg22On some of his off days Vincent is teaching  EMT classes to fellow firefighters but,  having more time to study seems not to have materialized.  Even when he is off duty he isn’t.  Everywhere he goes weird things happen that he ends up having to help with.  He seems to see worse accidents when he is off than when he is on duty. He and Mauro have the same karma that way.  I actually feel sympathy for them because of their plight.  
March 14, 2013gso%20silver%20ave%20apt%20fire_01_jpg12This fire had 75 fire fighters working more than 12 hours to get it out.  It was an apartment complex under construction for UNCG student housing.

......All through the night and into the morning.  This isn't something that happens too often, Vincent says it beats a half dozen short calls all through the night though!


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