Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cohen in his PJs and Boots

Cohen and I stepped out for a few minutes in the early afternoon before nap time.  It was breezy with a bit of a nip in the air but we braved it in order to get some vitamin D.  Cohen picked up sticks and piled them together so we could build a fire.  I told him we would have to wait for a calm day to do that.  He agreed and we walked on.

Cohen didn't want to take his Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas off and is wearing his Thomas boots too. 
Here Cohen shows me a hole the dogs have dug to try and escape the yard.

Cohen asks if he can go play,  " over there ".  As you can see, the yes was hardly passed my lips before he took off.

Run, Cohen, RUN!

  We were trying to figure out what critter makes these holes underneath the pine needles and down into the soft soil.  I wonder if it is frogs.    Can you see how the needles are swirled around and there is a build up of the needles around the area ?  There are dozens of these holes around the yard.  
Cohen makes a pie and offers me a piece.  After I enjoy a bite of pie and compliment Cohen on his pie building he is off at a run again.
We head back inside. Flowers for Mommy.

Inspecting the tiny grape hyacinth's.
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