Monday, February 18, 2013

What have we been up to?

Searching for a home for Marian.  Finding a home for Marian. 

Marian and Brother measure rooms and inspect house.

Discuss pros and cons.......

Cohen makes himself comfortable in the house.........
 Seller accepted offer.  House passed official inspection.  Waiting for realtors to tie up all the paperwork on their end. Waiting for pre-approved loan's paperwork so closing date can be set.

 When back on the ranch I take pictures of the animals.
 Maisey wants some lovin'.  With THAT look you better believe she gets it too!
              I play on Picasa to see how pencil drawing pictures     
will look
 I run out to cut daffodils before they freeze during the night.
 I didn't think about the horse eating the flowers when I sat them on the mantel...
A few blooms for Our Lady and a prayer for Vincent and his up-coming surgery. 
 Splish, splash.  Fun in the tub.
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  1. The house looks both pretty and roomy. I hope it all works out :-) The picasa pencil drawing look is really interesting!


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