Thursday, February 7, 2013

Starving Artist Show...sorry nothing for sale...

I lied.  In the title I mean. Sort of.  The beautiful creator of this work is not starving.  In fact,  she eats very well.
The Pre-K class's  pictures were on display recently for an open house held at Sophia's school.  All of the art works were very nice and some of the budding artists showed better than average abilities and great potential.  Really.   Each child picked their own subject matter and named their own work.  A picture of the artist at work was mounted along with current statistics on the child and the painting..  (age, grade,  medium used and the picture's title. )

Sophia was more than original with the naming of her picture.  I think she is showing  not only a budding talent for color and balance but also her love for the beauty of words.  The other children named their pictures just what they were, a horse was " Horse ", a tree branch was  " Tree Branch " etc., but Sophia decided only the most beautiful of words would do  for her picture's title.  Words  she loves saying and hearing, words that name her favorite things.  So, her bright garden flowers and butterfly painting was christened,  " Luna Pegasus ".

I would like to believe she was thinking of these as she named
her picture

 but, I have a feeling this is what she had in mind.  And I have a sneaking suspicion she doesn't know how to draw horses.
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