Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Jim was home from Kansas this week-end and he opened the pool while he was here. The water looks great, doesn't it? ( I mean in the picture below this top one!  This is the 'before' shot with the cover on the pool)
As soon as he had removed the cover and gave the water it's first shock a cold front moved in.  And, today it is overcast and raining. This,  of course,  will prolong our wait for the water to warm up enough for us to swim. We will need several hot nights for the water's temperature to become, and to remain, warm enough for us to be comfortable enough to use the pool.
This past year Margaret used natural ingredients to purify and condition
the water and I was able to use the pool without any ill affects. I was unable to use it before as I would feel just awful after I got out of the water. I thought it was the temp. or just more wrong with me. But, it turned out to be the chemicals used in the pool! And since Jim again used natural ingredients to prepare the water I can stay in the pool as long as I wish and do my exercise in the water and suffer no ill affects. I had no idea the chlorine was so bad for me...I bet it isn't good for anyone really. If you think about it you are actually swimming in bleach, and how good can that be??!!   So,  if you have fibromyalgia,  as I do,  stay away from chlorine in your pools,  and/or hot tubes or wherever you spend time in the water.
On a side note:  Cyrus is feeling better.  He is more active and eating soft foods.  He will pick at his seed and pellet and eat only one or two bites.  Last night he did not feel as hot as he has on previous evenings  so I feel his meds are working well.   

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