Friday, April 16, 2010

Cyrus is ill!

 I had Cy to the vet day before yesterday.  He had been sitting quietly with his left eye closed and would fluff his feathers.  I knew something was wrong as soon as he started these behaviors.  He is usually very active and a real talker.  He has had Candida and yeast infections, in 2008 severe enough to be placed on Baytril (sp?) and his symptoms were much the same.  I was sure that was what was wrong this time.  He had also been under some stress as I had his grooming done and a health check on the 31st of March and he had been out in his outdoor aviary for the first time this year.  Stress will really undermine a birds immune system.  As it turned out he has a sinus infection.  The heavy pollen seems to have gotten to him.  The doctor has placed him on an antihistamine and believes that will help clear it up.  I hope so.  I have been watching him, and although he is still not himself,  he is a bit more active.  If in the morning he is not well I am going to call for an antibiotic.   

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