Saturday, October 10, 2009


I wonder if NASA realized how much wind would be generated by their little experiment on the moon? (NC has been enjoying wonderful weather, with a warm soft wind blowing, for the last 2 days.....We will not discuss its "looking like snow" in KS).
I feel confident NASA has no idea of all the effects of hurling large chunks of metal and hazardous materials, at such great speed, and, with such great force, unto the lunar surface will have. Both here and there, now and later!
NASA's scientists, after much study and forethought, found our trash to be superior to the space rocks, which impact with the moon's surface on a daily basis, for producing a projectile to hit a specific target and produce a large enough plum from which to gather data. So, in the spirit of seeking knowledge and lunar domination, our government said, "What the heck, let's try it. If nothing else we will learn how much of our trash we can send to the moon!"
I suppose we will continue shipping our trash, in much greater quantities, up into the heavens. And, heaven knows, we can't continue to let it just float around up there! Why, it might collide with one of us! Besides, our oceans are thick with debris ... Why, pretty soon we won't be able to dump there for free and then what will we do?
I weep for Mother Earth and for Brother Moon!

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