Monday, October 7, 2013

A few random pictures...

Sophia and Cohen have been giving me a great deal of their art work.  Of course, I love every picture they do and am proud for them to hang it on my door.   I  really think they like being able to use the roll of tape for hanging the pictures more than drawing them.
These are  some out buildings and a home we pass on our way to the veterinarians'.

I like the way the house has bay windows that are on both the first and second floor, the other side of the house is just like this one.
This field was golden in the morning light and I wanted to take a picture then but was not able to stop on our way in to the vet's. This was a little later in the day and it is not as luminous as it was earlier but I still find it pretty.  When I spotted the morning glories I knew I had to stop and take a few pictures on the way home. 


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