Monday, October 29, 2012


Here is our resident Halloween Cat.  He sends his greetings and the wish that your Trick or Treat bag gets filled to the  brim.
And here are our Halloween Darlings.  Cohen as Thomas, his most favorite train in the whole wide world and Sophia as the most beautiful peacock that has ever struted its stuff.

Jim suprised me with a new companion to keep me company.  He knew how much Emma meant to me and thought this new girl might just help me through my grief.  The most amazing thing is, she is!  To say they resemble each other is an understatement and the fact that their personalities are so the same is just plain uncanny.  There will  never be another Emma, but there couldn't be another one as much like her as Daisy is either. 

 Can you tell which pup is Emma and which is Daisy? 

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  1. Hi ME, I am hanging tight here, power going in and out, no phone but tv and internet. The winds are wicked. Lots of flooding. Hoping it moves out tomorrow mid day. Happy Halloween to you. Those kids and dogs are so cute!! xo


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