Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Sad News

This has been an incredibly emotional September.  Several months ago my daughter Marian was diagnosed with a condition which would require a total hip replacement.  The surgery took place a week ago with all going fairly smoothly.  Her older sister stayed with her while she was hospitalized and I have been at home with her most of the time since then .  I was almost as concerned forAnna having to stay with Marian as I was for Marian having the surgery.  I think the anxiety of waiting on patient news and the weariness caused by around the clock caring for the ill by family is at times harder than being ill itself.  Anna, of course, took wonderful care of her sis and Marian is now well on her way to being up on her feet again.  All has gone well and we feel very grateful.
A few days after Marian came home from the hospital one of her cats, Boxer, had to be put to sleep.  He was 11 years old and she had him all of that time.   Marian found out Boxer had an inoperable tumor about three months ago and though she knew a decision would have to be made she was  not expecting to have to do it so soon. 


A few days days after I came to stay with Marian my dog Emma became very ill and she had to be put to sleep also!  I have had Emma since 2000, she was about 18 months old when I got her.  I had adopted Emma and Zachery together as they were siblings and the rescue center wanted them to stay together, Zachery is still living.  Needless to say Marian and I am grieving for our departed pets.                   


  1. That too bad about your pets. I am glad Marian's surgery went well and she is well on the road to recovery. Here is a link you mught find helpful dealing with your losses.
    http://petloss.com/rainbowbridge.htm It is a beautiful sentiment. xo

  2. Dear Mary,

    I am so sorry for your loss of little Emma. It has been an emotional month for you indeed. Hugs to you. xoxo

  3. I want to thank everyone for their nice comments and e-mail messages of sympathy and concern. It means a lot to know you care. Marian sends her regards and thanks also.


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