Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anna Pearl

Anna Pearl July 2012
This is Anna Pearl. She is a Russian Toy dog. This is a breed developed in Russia in the 20th century. Scarlett King, a " dog friend " of Margaret's, introduced her to the breed and she fell in love with them.
Scarlett took Margaret to an AKC show in New York City this past week-end to help with a " Meet the Breed " booth.  'Russkiy’s ' are not yet accepted by the AKC and this is the goal of  many Russian Toy enthusiasts at this time. Of course, name recognition is one of the main objectives for these booths and also so participants and judges at the competition can be introduced to the dogs. 425125_3965380267327_1633527273_n
You can find more about this breed at http://www.russiantoyclub.org/  or on their facebook page which can be reached easily by following the link provided on the club's  site. 
 Scarlett can be reached through this address http://www.russkiytoys.com/ or http://www.mydogbreeders.com/moscow-toy-terrier/highfield-russian-toys/ .  She also has a facebbok page in her name.
Thank you, Scarlett, for introducing Margaret and me to these wonderful, spunky and loving companions.


  1. Wow, ME it looks so much like a chihuahua (sp?). Love the name (I have a birdie named Pearl. xo


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