Monday, March 12, 2012


Vincent, Toni and the children invited me to dinner this evening and much to their surprise and delight I accepted.  Actually, what Vincent said was, " Do you think you could get yourself out of bed long enough for us to take you to dinner ? "  They extend this invitation quite a bit and I turn them down quite a bit too, but, as I said, this time I took 'em up on the offer.  It didn't take too much outta' me  'cause I'd cleaned myself up this mornin'.  Even washed ma' hair.  I guess that's  why when Sophia saw me she said, and this is the honest to God's  truth, " Grandma',  you've got a big head ! " 
 Must be the humidity.
     Enjoying the ride to Lexington Barbecue Restaurant

   We live in the "Barbecue Capital of the World" ! 
See how happy that makes the younguns!

After our fun dinner, only one tall water spillt (Cohen), and many hush puppies smothered in catsup ate,( Miss Sophia), we headed for up-town.  Yee-Ha !  I mean,
Here... pig, pig, pig....suey, suey, suey!
Nothin' like lovin' on all your favorite pigs!  
 Now mind ja' our confederate dead are not  under this here mon-u-mint.  They are else where.  Anyhow..This heres just ta' honor 'em for their brave sac-re-fice.  I figured I'd git me a photegraf afor some Yankee demands the thing be tore down and toated offt. See how big it is!  An look up thare how tiny little Soph is beside hit!

As you can see the children, bless 'em, they love all the pigs.

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