Saturday, August 21, 2010


These pictures of Sophia were made while we were in Florida for Christopher's wedding.
On July 4th, Sophia, Cohen and I stayed home while the rest of the household went to see the fireworks display over the water in St. Augustine. At dusk the bangs from a few fire works could be heard from the neighboring houses and a few rockets and colorful displays could be seen overhead. These frightened Sophia to no end. For the whole evening she kept her ears plugged with her fingers as she sat on the bed with me or I carried her around the house. ( She would have no part of going out onto the upper deck to watch the fireworks over the housetops.) When we went to bed she still had her fingers in her ears and finally went to sleep with her ears still protected form the loud, frightening sounds of the fireworks!

Little Cohen would stir with the loud sounds, but, did manage to sleep though most of the bangs and whistles of the fireworks and rockets bursting overhead.
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