Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Great Swamp,  on which Walterboro seems to have been built, is bisected by a black-top path.  I like being able to walk within the the steamy, hot, 'critter infested and frightening park.  I would never venture into any area remotely swamp-like  were it not for the safety of the wide berth of the path.  Even so, as I walk I pray the path will remain stable, dry, 'gater and snake free while I am on it!
Believe me, I keep an eye out for any and all things that slither knowing I must also be ever watchful for the Swamp Monster lurking below the algae chocked water of the swamp!  

  I do wish I could share the sounds of the swamp with you.  There is the constant hum of insects and dragon flies, fast as lightning, darting all around, the scary sound the dry leaves make as little critters scurry from the sides of the path, and, the constant loud cries of birds.  It is wonderful.